Why Get Your NIST Mass Spectral Library from Us?

nist-mass-spectral-library-why-buyWhen shopping for critical research tools, or anything for that matter, it makes no sense to pay more than you have to. This is especially true when it comes to interpreting mass spectra results. There’s only one current NIST Mass Spectral Library (NIST 14), but many outlets where you can purchase the database and software.

Here are four solid reasons why our NIST 14 is your best choice. Keep in mind you will need a high speed internet connection for any of them.

No Bricks and Mortar

One of the advantages of Internet stores is that they exist solely online. When it comes to overhead, that represents a significant savings, both for us and for you. No building maintenance (which includes everything from repainting exteriors to paying a security company to monitor the property), no janitorial service fees, no water and sewer bills, no store furniture to purchase … the list goes on and on. By minimizing our cost of operations, we’re able to offer our clients a better value.

No Inventory

Another source of significant savings is that we hold no inventory. We only burn a copy of the NIST Mass Spectral Library when you order it.

It’s much more efficient for us to burn and test each copy “on demand” rather than ship out production to an anonymous DVD press for burning alongside, say, “Jane Smith’s” newest yoga class. And because we have no inventory, we don’t have to buy shelves, fancy displays, or warehouse storage space, resulting in lower costs for our customers.

No Shipping Costs

We don’t charge you for shipping NIST 14. We cover the cost because we’ve learned that U.S. Postal Service priority shipping works extremely well, without the high fees of some more courier-focused companies. Our savings is your savings.

No Sacrifice of Customer Service

Of course, there are some companies out there selling the NIST Mass Spectral Library for less money than we do, but there’s a reason for that: They cut corners with their customer service. This is where we stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

Instead of investing in facilities or inventory, we’ve chosen to invest in human intelligence. We offer a technical support department with high levels of academic experience who are available—and even eager—to answer your questions. They helped develop the NIST Mass Spectral Library and know it inside and out. We’ve retained this level of expertise in order to be absolutely certain we can answer any technical or installation questions you may have.

We are confident you will get the best value possible when you purchase the NIST Mass Spectral Library from us. Whether you need the complete NIST 14 or an upgrade from the NIST 11 or earlier versions, order yours today. For more information, contact us at 888-327-4295 or visit www.NISTMassSpecLibrary.com.