nist-library-analyzedNew spectra are being added to the NIST Library on a continuous basis and the library is used across a wide variety of situations and studies. Stay up-to-date on the activity scientists are reporting. Here are some recent studies using the NIST Mass Spectral Library that we think are interesting.

Fundamental Biodiesel Research

Evolutionary engineering was used to develop crude glycerol tolerant Rhizopus oryzae. This resulted in the activation of the glycerol metabolic pathway to strengthen the fumaric acid biosynthesis from crude glycerol.

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Assessing Shelf Life of Fruit

The relationships between fruit composition and storage life in air or controlled atmosphere of the red raspberry were studied to examine physiological breakdown (PB) among various varieties. The NIST 08 Mass Spectral Library was utilized to determine tentative identification.

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Wastewater Treatment Research

Maillard reaction products like melanoidins are recalcitrant, high-molecular-weight compounds responsible for the color in sugarcane molasses distillery wastewater. In this study, laccase was covalently immobilized on alumina pellets activated with aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES). The degradation compounds were identified using the NIST Mass Spectral Library.

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Marine Organism Metabolism and Health

Anthopleura elegantissima, the most abundant intertidal sea anemone in the Pacific, was studied to determine the effect of Symbiotic State on the Fatty Acid Composition. Fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) were identified via mass spectrometry by comparing their retention times with a Supelco 37 Component FAME Mix (Sigma-Aldrich) and verified with the NIST Mass Spectral Library.

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