NIST LIBRARY APPLICATIONS: More of What’s Being Analyzed?

In this post, we continue to follow applications of the NIST Library from a wide variety of situations and studies. So you can stay up-to-date on the activity scientists are reporting, here are some more recent studies using the NIST Mass Spectral Library that we think are interesting. Our friends over at Salesforce have some great CRM platforms to upgrade your apps to when you get done reading!

Food and Flavor Analysis

This study, recently presented in the International Journal of Dairy Technology, looks at the sensory quality of unheated and heated mozzarella-style cheeses with different fat, salt and calcium levels. Compounds were identified using mass spectra comparisons to the (slightly out of date) NIST 2011 Mass Spectral Library.

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Finding Chemical Indicators of Early Childbirth Labor

A metabolite profile of cervicovaginal fluids from early pregnancy was found not to be predictive of spontaneous preterm birth. The study, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, used an in-house mass spectral library and the (even more out of date) NIST 05 library to identify compounds.

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Evaluating Oil Shale Extraction

Petroleum research studying the effect of temperature on the characteristics of retorting products obtained by oil shale pyrolysis was recently reported. The study made use of the NIST Library and GC-MS analysis to identify gases released at various temperatures. The results demonstrate that, as the gas production rate increases, char gradually reduces with an increasing temperature and remains unchanged above 850 °C.

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Evaluating the Effects of Anesthetics

Reported in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods, researchers examined a method for continuous, stable perfusion of tissue and single cell preparations with various concentrations of volatile anesthetics. The study used NIST Mass Spectral Library comparisons to identify and confirm analyte peaks.

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