The NIST Mass Spectral Library Is Easier Than Ever to Navigate with Robust New Add-on Software

nist-mass-spectral-library-addonsYou may think chemistry PhDs, pharmaceutical professionals, and researchers who have the latest version of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Mass Spectral Library have it all—but that’s not exactly the case.

Although the NIST 14 is the most reliable and comprehensive resource for mass spectrometry research, its performance and capabilities can be enhanced with add-on software. Read on to learn about the extra benefits you can enjoy with the help of Mass Mountaineer, Mass Spec Calculator Pro, AnalyzerPro by SpectralWorks, and TSS Unity Universal Reporting Software.

Mass Mountaineer

Ideal for those who wish to identify unknowns or locate target compounds, Mass Mountaineer integrates directly with the NIST Library to zero in on compound identification, elemental composition determination, mass defect plots, calculation and matching of isotope profiles, and classification by way of chemometrics.

Mass Spec Calculator Pro

If your aim is to draw chemical structures, fragment them on screen via manual or automated routines to predict spectra, and compare predicted fragmentations with observed mass spectra, then Mass Spec Calculator Pro is for you.

AnalyzerPro by SpectralWorks

Boasting an improved deconvolution processing algorithm, new quantitation viewer, and enhanced support for high-resolution accurate mass data, this robust data mining software takes the manual overhead out of the qualitative analysis process, making it an efficient asset in mass spectrometry data analysis.

TSS Unity Universal Reporting Software

Designed for laboratories that perform identification and quantitation with a variety of makes and models of mass spectrometers, TSS Unity Universal Reporting Software pulls chromatographic peaks from the high background usually aligned with LCMS analyses. The instrument-independent universal GCMS and LCMS data reporting and quantitation package can be submitted to the NIST library for identification.

NIST Mass Spectral Library Add-Ons

Once you determine which add-on software is right for your needs, you’ll want to find the right price and offer. is the perfect place to purchase or upgrade to the NIST 14 Mass Spectral Library and add-on software. We pass the savings of our lean virtual operation on to you with discounted prices, and we don’t eliminate product support so we here to help you along the way. Visit us to learn more.