Other Mass Spec Software

In addition to the NIST Mass Spectral Database, we carry a full range of other mass spec software packages. These programs are compatible with the NIST 14 Mass Spectral Library.

TSS Unity Universal Reporting Software


TSS Unity Universal Reporting Software is an instrument-independent universal GCMS and LCMS data reporting software package.

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 Mass Mountaineer


Mass Mountaineer provides a wide variety of functions including target compound identification, elemental composition determination, mass defect plots, calculation and matching of isotope profiles, classification via chemometrics and more.

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MassSpec Calculator Pro


Mass Spec Calculator Pro allows you to draw chemical structures on screen, fragment structures on screen using manual or automated routines, Compare predicted fragmentations with observed mass spectra, and more…

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GPMAW, General Protein Mass Analysis for Windows


GPMAW, General Protein Mass Analysis for Windows interfaces to protein databases, addressing the challenges of exponentially growing data-input (from less than 10,000 proteins in 1988 to more than 700,000 proteins today, EMBL non-redundant database).

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AnalyzerPro, NIST Compatible data deconvolution software


Data Mining Software for Mass Spectrometry – AnalyzerPro is a vendor independent data deconvolution application for MS data. It uses proprietary algorithms to detect components which may be obscured that existing software is unable to determine without additional information. Component spectra identification may be confirmed with the NIST Mass Spectral Library or built-in lists.

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