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Deciding Where to Purchase Your NIST Library Upgrade

If your lab uses a mass spectrometer, you’ve probably heard this news flash: NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) is scheduled to release the latest edition of their mass spectral library June 6th.  We’ve outlined many of the benefits of the new release, which will contain over 30,000 additional spectra and almost 25,000 more compounds than can be found in the 2014 NIST library.

We know you have a choice when it comes to where you decide to purchase your NIST library upgrade or affiliated databases. So, we’ve taken a few extra steps that other vendors haven’t when it comes to savings, flexibility and customer service. We’re proud of these offerings and we’re willing to bet you’ll see the value in them as well.

Superior Customer Service

We have an incredible support team which consists of experienced researchers who have worked with the NIST library and are eager to help your lab perform at the highest level. David Sparkman is our guru when it comes to helping customers with installation and operation. We could rave about him all day, but you can read for yourself about his long list of qualifications.

Our Virtual Environment Passes Savings Along to Customers

We operate virtually, and therefore get to skip the costs associated with a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Those expenses add up; leases, utilities, sales professionals—and not incurring them in the first place means we aren’t passing them along to you.

Software Available by Download

When you purchase NIST from us, we give you the added benefit of being able to download the software. You can have it downloaded onto your device and can be using it in your lab within 24 hours. What’s better than instant gratification?

Flexible and Affordable Delivery Options

We offer worldwide shipping to our customers. You get to skip the disappointment of making it 80% of the way through the ordering process only to find that we won’t deliver to your lab in the Netherlands, or Fiji, or Illinois for that matter. Anyone who orders the NIST Mass Spectral Library from us can obtain it via download or hard copy—regardless of location.

If you’re ordering within the United States, we don’t charge you a dime for delivery. We’ve come to trust the U.S. Postal Service priority shipping and are doing without the expensive rates associated with other courier services.

Announcing the NIST Library Flash Drive

Each new edition of the NIST library upgrade makes it more robust, more efficient, and thus a more critical tool in your mass spec arsenal. Tools are more effective when you can take them with you, right? This is why we are one of the first—and perhaps the only—distributor that is offering a NIST library flash drive.

Imagine the convenience of being able to reference a specific molecular characteristic during your conversation with coworkers, or using the new hybrid search feature to identify a compound without having to retreat to another location with notes. Tablets and small laptops have become commonplace in labs because of their portability and since many don’t include disk drives, the flash drive is a great option.

Of course, making the NIST library upgrade so easily portable does not mean it can be freely shared. Each copy of the NIST library, regardless of media, requires its own license. You may find it most efficient to purchase one 2017 NIST library for each device, so that no one is waiting in line to access the database.

We’re Proud to Be your 2017 NIST library Upgrade Source  

We know how important accurate, complete, and timely results are in every lab, which is why we provide the very best in customer service and pricing options as well as the freedom and flexibility to attach your NIST library upgrade to your portable device.

To place an order for your NIST library upgrade or first-time purchase, or if you have any questions about which option is best for you, please contact us today at 1-888-327-4295.

The 2017 NIST Mass Spectral Library is Almost Here—Which Version Do You Need?

Of what use is your mass spectrometer if you don’t have a database to compare and verify results? Determining compounds without reliable comparative spectra is time-consuming work, which is why the first National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) library was initially published by the US Department of Commerce over forty years ago. While it only contained 100,000 spectra at the turn of this century, the number of spectra has expanded dramatically over the past five editions, which are published every three years.

Four Options to Choose From

  1. The Complete Version of the NIST Mass Spectral Library

If you’ve been “making do” without a NIST library at all, this is the version you will probably want to purchase. It includes the full spectrum (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) of tools and peer-reviewed databases available. In addition to the spectra themselves, there is a sophisticated search program and various spectral analysis utilities, including the NIST AMDIS (Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System) and an MS Interpreter. Macros to assist your search with Agilent MassHunter and ChemStation are also available. Extensive reference data is also included, making proper attribution a breeze.

And, if your order NIST 14 before June 1st of 2017, you’ll receive the 2017 upgrade for free—that’s a 10% savings!

  1. The 2017 NIST Library Upgrade for Your Existing Mass Spectral Library

If you already own a prior version of the NIST library (1998 or later), you will receive everything listed in item #1 above—a great deal for keeping your NIST library up-to-date. This upgrade will also contain an increase of over 30,000 spectra and nearly 25,000 compounds from the previous release (NIST 14). Here’s a more comprehensive list of updates for you to peruse.

  1. The NIST GC Methods/Retention Index Database

In addition to the complete NIST library upgrade or purchase, there are two components available separately to provide great assistance in your lab. One is the NIST GC Methods/Retention Index Database which includes expanded constraints to help narrow retention time searches. This allows you to correctly identify and confirm compound identity by retention time in a single easy step.

  1. NIST MS/MS Library

Also, available separately are a newer pair of databases constructed specifically to meet the needs of tandem mass spectrometry. The first includes spectra for compounds that cover a wide range of collision energies, all the way from slight to the thorough dissociation of the precursor ion. The second database houses spectra of commercial peptides.

For Agilent ChemStation & MassHunter Users

The Standard version of the NIST Mass Spectral Library, either the full or upgrade versions, allows for seamless searches using the NIST Library in conjunction with all generations of Agilent ChemStation or MassHunter.

The Agilent version of the full or upgrade versions has the NIST Library indexed for ChemStation PBM searches as well as internal MassHunter Search.

Why Choose FarHawk for Your NIST Mass Spectral Library?

We know you have a choice when it comes to deciding where to purchase your NIST library upgrade or affiliated databases. First, we’re not a brick-and-mortar store, so buying from us means you won’t be absorbing hidden costs for leases, utilities, or sales professionals. Instead, we’ve chosen to invest in superior customer service. What’s more, our support team has worked with the NIST library for decades and is eager to help your lab perform at the highest level. Our stellar customer service is available no matter which of the four options you choose.

This is a crucial decision that will affect your lab’s performance. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about which option is best for you. Call us any time at 1-888-327-4295.

How the NIST Library Upgrade Will Complete Your MS Toolkit

Coming SoonDoes your lab have computers in operation that are a dozen years old? We doubt it. Technology advances too rapidly for computers built in 2005 to function well in a modern lab setting. When it comes to the various tools in your lab toolkit, it’s important to determine whether you’re working with seriously outdated equipment or classic instruments that will stand the test of time.

Mass spectrometry technology is constantly evolving. If you’re working with a NIST library from 2005—or any such library that’s older than 2014, you’re not going to get the full spectrum of service out of your MS and your lab techs.

NIST has Grown by Leaps and Bounds

In 2005, Hitachi shipped the first 500 GB hard drive and the microSD card could hold only 128MB of data—that’s megabytes, not gigabytes. Likewise, the 2005 edition of the NIST library only contained 190,825 spectra and 163,198 compounds. Yes, it was the first edition that included MS/MS spectra and RI compounds, but it only held just over 5,000 such spectra and under 26,000 RI compounds.

The 2014 NIST library included 234,284 MS/MS spectra and 276,248 standard spectra—a leap in numbers that parallels the growth in computer storage capacity during the same dozen years. Similar advances in content size are coming with the 2017 NIST library upgrade, which is due for release this July.

What Features Can You Expect with the NIST Library Updates?

Scientific breakthroughs are constantly creating new compounds. Mass specs are constantly being upgraded and can more accurately assess those new compounds. Upgrading is a logical and efficient way to ensure that you’re using your mass specs to the best possible advantage.

So, without further ado, here are a handful of new features users can expect to see in the 2017 NIST Library updates.

  1. The NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library: This release contains 306,622 electron ionization (EI) spectra of 267,376 different chemical compounds – an increase of over 30,000 spectra and nearly 25,000 compounds from the previous release (NIST 14). For this release, special effort has been made to add spectra for human and plant metabolites as well as for illicit ‘designer drugs’, leading to the addition of 1000s of spectra. The evaluation of this library has employed newly-developed search methods, some of which are implemented in the accompanying software and described below.
  2. The NIST Tandem Mass Spectral Library: This library consists of two sub-libraries:
    • Small molecules (nist_msms): Includes 574,826 spectra of 118,082 precursor ions for 13,808 different compounds – a 2/3 increase in numbers of compounds over NIST 14! Spectra of all identifiable precursor ions are included, including fragments, adducts, and isotopic chlorine and bromine peaks. NIST continues to include spectra for both positive and negative charge states, with fragmentation in both ion trap (at multiple msn levels) and in beam-type collision cells (over a range of energies).
    • Biologically relevant peptides (nist_msms2): Includes 77,649 spectra of 1,435 biologically relevant peptides. Also included are 12,595 spectra of 469 dipeptides also in nist_msms.
  3. The Gas Chromatography Retention Index and Methods Library: This contains 404,045 retention indices for 99,400 compounds, including 72,361 of which are in the EI library. This is an increase of 16,582 RI values.
  4. NIST Search Software (nistms.exe): NIST has greatly enhanced the capabilities of our user-interface software. It features a new, powerful search method, the ‘Hybrid Search’, which can find many more matching spectra in both the EI and tandem libraries. Another new search method enables the quick comparison of all spectra of a single compound, in both EI and tandem libraries. Multiple enhancements were made for handling high mass accuracy spectra, including a new version of NIST’s Mass Spectrum Interpreter, and improved filtering of the multitude of ions and instruments encountered in high mass accuracy ESI ionization.

How to Save on Your NIST Library Upgrade

Now is the time to make the investment. Order NIST 2014 at the current price and receive NIST 2017 at no additional charge, a savings of up to 10%, as the price for NIST 2017 goes up on June 1st. Purchase the 2014 NIST library today, we will include free upgrades for all of 2017.

Plus, when you purchase the NIST Library or upgrade from us, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have exceptional customer service and first class tech support included in the price. Give us a call today—we’re happy to answer any questions you have.